An IBAN account is a service that we provide to our individual and corporate clients, making it possible for them to conveniently store funds in one place and perform fast and smooth multi-currency transactions worldwide.

IBAN issuance

You now have the ability to register with us and get a designated IBAN, which gives you a full control over your funds and many other benefits.

An Account
in Your Name

Faster Transfers


Multiple IBANS and Users

With a designated IBAN account, your customers will always now whom the payment came from and whom they are sending the funds to. This eliminates the instances of confusion and mistakenly put transactions.

With a designated IBAN, the transactions are generally believed to be faster and smoother. The service allows you to upload the funds onto your account whenever you want and transfer them directly to a preferred customer. Having such account allows you to skip the step of sending money primarily to service provider’s bank account on the transaction creation.  

Having an assigned IBAN account gives you a full autonomy to control and track your funds. The system and procedures are fully transparent which allows you to always keep an eye on your balance, e-wallet and transactions.

GlobalNetInt provides you with the possibility to acquire multiple IBAN accounts depending on your preferences. For example, you can have one IBAN for PayIns and the other one for PayOuts. This is usually beneficial for the corporate clients that want to have one IBAN for sending salaries to their employees and the other one for receiving payments. This is also the case for business that simply want their customers to have separate accounts to send the funds to (B2B and C2B accounts) in order to keep the tracking easier.

Individual Accounts
Application processing fee


Maintaining the account


SEPA payments

from €0.10

SWIFT payments

from €20

Business Accounts
Application processing fee

from €300

Maintaining the account

from €0

SEPA payments

from €0.14

SWIFT payments

from €20

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GlobalNetInt JSC is an Electronic Money Institution, authorised by the Central Bank of Lithuania (Nr. 21) for the issuing of electronic money.